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Cinco Sentidos Cab. Sauv. Reserva


750 mL bottle  | Red Wine 

A very special wine that lingers in your mouth. Get a little closer and feel the complex fruity aroma. Black cherries, raspberries and blackberries. 

Cinco Sentidos Torrontés Reserva


750 mL bottle | White Wine 

An extremely expressive wine, this Torrontés boasts all kinds of citrus, lemongrass and white floral aromas, alongside lemon and peach flavours. It pairs perfectly with Thai red coconut curry shrimp or roast butternut squash.

Cinco Sentidos Chardonnay


750 mL bottle | White Wine 

Perceive the pineapple, apple and pear flavors, while a touch of vanilla and toasted bread confirm its ageing in oak barrels. Finesse. Once in your mouth, enjoy its lingering fruity aftertaste blended with its balanced acidity.

Cinco Sentidos Malbec


750 mL bottle  | Red Wine 

Rediscover the cherries with just a smidgeon of caramel. Ripe plums and cherries bring memories back to your heart. The wine rests in the glass, and vanilla and leather aromas, resulting from the ageing in oak, float into the air.

Cinco Sentidos Sauv. Blanc Reserva


750 mL bottle  | White Wine 

Greenish yellow coloured wine, with hints of straw and aromas of tropical fruits, herbs and grapefruit, lively acidity, medium volume, long and pleasant finish.

Sur De Los Andes Single Vineyard Pinot Noir

sur de los andres.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Red Wine 

Initial oaky aromas suggest milk chocolate and vanilla, with veiled plum and berry scents in reserve.   medium to full palate is made creamy by oak, while this tastes of cherry, plum and mixed spices prior to a ripe finish on which the wine's oak character is integrated and less obvious. This wine pairs duck and veal stew

Sur de Los Andes Reserva Cabernet Franc

sur de los cabernet.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Red Wine 

Jammy black plum and blackberry aromas include hints of oak, varietal spice and herbal notes. A healthy palate is flush and supported by easygoing tannins. Mixed black fruit flavors come with a touch of Cabernet Franc's noted herbal character, while this feels steady and smooth on the finish. Drink through 2023.