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While you are on our site, take a look at some of the great items we have in stock. We are proud to offer an unparalleled choice of products from the Old World and New World. If you can't find what you need, contact us via chat or email us. We will be happy to help you find what you need.

Kardasi Tsipouro Aged

50-Kardasi Tsipouro Aged_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Tirnavou Spirit 

Aged in French and American for up to 24 months, it reveals lovely notes of vanilla, oak, citrus, spice, and mocha. Full-bodied and sweet, with a long, mouth-coating finish. Serve in a low ball glass on ice with an arrangement of spicy mixed nuts and dried fruit.

Kardasi Botanic

51-Kardasi Botanic_edited.jpg

500 mL bottle | Tirnavou Liqueur Brown 

Aromas of citrus fruits, sage, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and bitter orange. Sweet bitter taste.

Kardasi Mastic

52-Kardasi Mastic_edited_edited.png

500 mL bottle | Tirnavou Liqueur White 

This unique liqueur is produced exclusively from the resin of the mastic tree cultivated on the Greek island of Chios. It possesses aromas and flavours citrus fruit, vanilla, spice, chocolate and a hint of smoke. Spice notes linger on the long finish.

Ouzo Tirnavou Kardasi

53-Ouzo Tirnavou_edited.png

750 mL bottle  | Tirnavou | Spirit 

A classic Greek ouzo with intense aromas of anise, cinnamon, bitter almond and nutmeg carried along on a soft, smooth body. Grilled octopus, marinated sardines, a plateful of plump almonds and some salty cheese are ideal accompaniments.

Tsipouro Tyrnavou Kardasi

54-Tsipouro Tyrnavou_edited.png

750 mL bottle  | Tirnavou | Spirit

Distilled from black Muscat grapes, this traditional Tsipouro is made without the common additive of anise, allowing the aromas of rose blossom, caramel and butter to shine through. 

Emphasis Agiorgitiko

55-Emphasis Agiorgitiko_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Drama | Red Wine 

Aromas and flavours of dark red berry, plum and warm spice with vanilla and floral notes. On the palate this is full-bodied and generous with balanced acidity and ripe tannin on a long finish. Well suited to roast lamb or beef

Thema Red

58-THEMA RED _edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Drama | Red Wine 

Thema is a blend of syrah and agiortgitiko grape varieties. It shares complex aromas and flavours of cherry, plum, chocolate, smoke and black pepper with smooth, velvety tannins. The finish offers fruity notes and a tinge of oak.

Thema White

56-THEMA WHITE_edited.png

750 mL bottle  | Drama | White Wine 

Composed of sauvignon blanc and assyrtiko grape varieties with aromas of citrus, apple and white pepper continue to flavours of apple, melon, and mineral and finish with clean, crisp acidity.

Queen of Hearts

60-Queen of Hearts_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Drama | White Wine 

Bright green yellow colour with a gentle nose of white-flesh fruits and distinctive aromas of spring flowers. Pleasant mouth and refreshing aftertaste.  

Kings of Hearts

61-Kings of Hearts_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle | Drama | Red Wine 

Ruby red colour, aromas of red berries with a hint of sweet spices. Well-rounded with soft tannins and pleasant finish. Wine with a quite good volume, well-structured, with a strong personality.

Rose Nico Lazaridi

63-Rose Nico Lazaridi_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Drama | Rose Wine 

Made with cabernet franc and red grenache, with vibrant pink and appealing notes of strawberry, grapefruit and marzipan. This suited for smoked salmon, spicy Thai cuisine or a platter of sharp cheeses and cold cuts.

Lion D'or Chardonnay

64-Lion D'or Chardonnay_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Drama | White Wine 

Fruity aromas of citrus, melon and pineapple. Rich and charming body, well-balanced flavor with pleasant acidity. It is a perfect accompaniment to seafood, fish, white meats, as well as Asian and Mediterranean food.

Magic Mountain Red

65-Magic Mountain RED_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Drama Red Wine 

Intense ruby red in colour with clear typical aromas of red forest fruits, blueberry, gooseberry, wild fig and black cherry. Munificent, velvet and impressive body. Balanced acidity accompanied with smooth, rich tannins. 

Magic Mountain White


750 mL bottle  | Drama | White Wine 

It has a clear yellow-green colour, wonderful aromas of summer fruits with herbal notes and roasted nuts. Full in the mouth with intense acidity and a long aftertaste of freshly grounded coffee and brioche.

Cavalieri Lazaridi Red

66-Cavalieri Lazaridi_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Drama | Red Wine 

Deep purple in colour with intense aromas of red berries, chocolate, cedar and nuts with some hints of herbs. A full body wine with interesting fatty acidity and soft tannins. 

Black Sheep

68-Black Sheep_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Red Wine 

Intense aromas of ripe red fruit and plum from the Merlot varietal combines with the pleasing spicy aromas of the Syrah in this vivid, ruby red blend. The wine shows real harmony between the acidity and the tannins.

F-Eu Merlot-Grenache

69-F-Eu Merlot-Grenache_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Drama Red Wine 

An intricate nose of intense fresh red berries, cherry, raspberry and pomegranate aromas accompanied by fig and gooseberry. Impressive in the mouth with a crispy acidity, smooth tannins and a pleasant aftertaste.

Lion D'or Cabernet

70-Lion D'or Cabernet_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Drama Red Wine 

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in Greek soil result in a ruby red wine with luscious aroma of berries, cherry and sweet spices. 

Chateau Lazaridi Red

16-Chateau Lazaridi Red_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Drama | Red Wine 

A charming blend of deep red color which combines Merlot's sweet fruity aromas with the density of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese's finesse. With a pleasant nose of red berries and aromas of mocha. 

Chateau Nico Lazaridi White

44-Chateau Lazaridi White_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Drama White Wine 

Intense aromas of white-flesh and exotic summer fruits, honey and some hints of citrus. Impressive in the mouth with a distinctive elegant acidity and a pure, fruity aftertaste.

Solitaire Sparkling

19-Solitaire Sparkling_edited.png

750 mL bottle  | Drama White Wine 

A sparkling, golden blend of Trebbiano and Muscat with delicate white peach, vanilla and fresh coffee aromas. Playful bubbles lift a rich mouthfeel underpinned with a crisp, lemon zest acidity.

Dryades Dry Red

08-Dryades Dry Red.png

750 mL bottle  | Zitsa | Red Wine 

The aromas of dried fruits such as cranberries, blueberries, dry figs are accompanied with notes of sweet red pepper and oaky aromas. Rich with gentle tannins and balanced acidity. 

Paleokerisio Sparkling Orange

10-Paleokerisio Sparkling Orange_edited.

500 mL bottle | Zitsa | Orange Wine 

Intense and highly complex aromas of apple, butter, and sweet spices like cinnamon and cloves this sparkler is rich, refreshing and well balanced. The aftertaste is reminiscent of sweet cherry and the refreshing bubbles highlight the complexity of aromas in every sip.

Primus Zitsa

12-Primus Zitsa.png

750 mL bottle  | Zitsa | White Wine 

With vivid soft golden-green colour, fine aromas from apple, pear and peach, young, delicate palate, with acidity which brings out the freshness of the fruit.

Vlahiko Dry Red

13-Vlahiko Dry Red.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Zitsa Red Wine 

The grapes of the local red varieties Vlahiko & Bekari are destemmed and vinified in oak vats. The vinification is performed using a classic method that lasts for 12 days. Then, the aging takes place in oak barrels for two years creating a unique bouquet.

Chateau Porto Carras

20-Chateau Porto Carras_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Slopes of Meliton | Red Wine 

Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc blend with classic Greek Limnio to create a wine with complex aromas dominated by black berried fruits and vanilla. 

Malagouzia White

21-Malagouzia White_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle | Slopes of Meliton | Whine Wine 

Made from 100% organic Malagouzia, this wine captures all of the grape's dynamic apricot, grapefruit and exotic fruit aromas. There's a touch of green bell pepper on the palate along with peach and hazelnut flavours.

Magus Baccata Organic

22-Magus Baccata Organic_edited.png

750 mL bottle  | Slopes of Meliton | Red Wine 

Deep purple color, intense aromas of fruits of the forest, sweet spices and chocolate with hints of delicate oak. Rich mouth, balanced tannins and rich aromatic aftertaste.

Porto Carras Merlot Organic

23-Porto Carras Merlot

750 mL bottle  | Slopes of Meliton | Red Wine 

Deep purple colour, complex aromas of fruits of the forest and spices, rich mouth with velvet tannins and long finish.

Porto Carras Limneon Organic

24-Porto Carras Limnio

750 mL bottle  | Slopes of Meliton | Red Wine 

Deep ruby in colour, the nose is ripe with forest fruit aromas and subtle hints of vanilla, cinnamon, leather and black pepper.

Porto Carras Assyrtiko Organic

26-Porto Carras Assyrtiko Organic_edited

750 mL bottle | Slopes of Meliton | Whine Wine 

Bright straw blonde colour, delicate citrus aromas, honeyed fruits, roasted nuts and lemon-curd. Typically crisp on the palate with zesty acidity and mineral character. Parker Rating 89/100 P.

Naoussa Xinomavro

32-Naoussa Xinomavro_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Naoussa Red Wine 

Cherry, cigar-box and savoury meat aromas start this sultry red. On the palate, olives, tomato and dried currant flavours are poised by a brisk minerality.

Fume Savatiano

29-Fume Savatiano_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Attiki | White Wine 

Beautiful aromas of orange marmalade and vanilla develop into honey, orange zest and white pepper notes on the palate. Its full body has a long finish. A rich white to pair with lobster, roast poultry or grilled fish.

Nemea Reserve

31-Nemea Reserve_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Nemea | Red Wine 

Made with100% Agiorgitiko grapes from Nemea. This deep purple, medium-bodied wine boasts aromatic notes of leather, black currant, lavender and dark chocolate. Elegant, with good structure and soft tannins.

Robola Black Label

42-Robola Black Label_edited.png

750 mL bottle | Kefalonia | White Wine 

Crystal color, sequence of well-spiced and fruity flavors, such as peach, lemon and apricot. Aftertaste with hints of citrus. 

Porto Carras Antama Tsipouro

Porto Carras Antama Tsipouro.jpg

750 mL bottle | Slopes of Meliton | Spirit

Traditional distillation of carefully chosen grape skins from healthy mature aromatic grapes that are organically cultivated at Domaine Porto Carras.The skins are distilled in the traditional bronze stills with fractional distillation method, in low temperatures, with addition of anise, thus obtain the most noble aromas.

Granduca Organic Rose

Granduca Organic Rose.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Slopes of Meliton | Rose Wine 

The grapes come from the northwest part of the unified and organic vineyard of the Porto Carras Estate, on the slopes of Mount Meliton.

Porto Carras Poem

Porto Carras Poem.jpeg

750 mL bottle  | Slopes of Meliton | Red Wine 

Complex bouquet of ripe fig, raisin, orange skin, nuts, clove and coffee. Perfect balance of sweetness, structure and a long-lasting aromatic finish. Can be aged up to 10 years.

Alexander Brandy 7

Alexander Brandy 7.jpeg

700 mL bottle | Kalamata | Red Wine 

Aged wine distillates from the best producing areas of Greece are blended with Muscat wine of Samos. The final blends are matured in small oak casks for a period of three years.

Tsipouro No Anise

Tsipouro No Anise.jpg

750 mL bottle | Kalamata | Spirit

Well Ripened Grapes Of Aromatic Varieties, Such As Hamburg Muscat And Roditis, In Combination With Double Or Multiple Distillation In Discontinuous Pot Stills Produce A Distillate With A High Aromatic Profile, A Full Body And A Soft Finish.

Rakomelo Liqueur

Rakomelo Liqueur.jpeg

750 mL bottle  | Kalamata | Rose Wine 

A combination of raki with honey, cinnamon and clove buds, this can be drunk either warm in the winter or chilled in the summer. Rakomelo was first produced in the 12th century and is a traditional Greek drink.

Kamara Retsina Organic Dry White

Kamara Retsina Organic Dry White.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Kamara | White Wine 

Classic Greek retsina that is super refreshing, with just a hint of pine behind lemon oil, fresh grapefruit and delightful acidity.

Seméli Oreinos Helios Peloponnese

Oreinos Helios_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Peloponnese | White Wine 

A blend of aromatic varieties Moschofilero and Sauvignon Blanc, this wine presents muscat, floral and lemon fragrances. Enjoy it as an aperitif - amazing paired with sushi!

Semeli Oreinos Helios Peloponnese Syrah

Oreinos helios shyraz_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Peloponnese | Red Wine 

Bright, youthful, dark ruby red in color. Intense on the nose, with ripe fruit, plums and cherries, chocolate and some spicy undertones. The palate is broad, with good body, medium but velvety tannins, moderate acidity and vibrant flavors of red fruit.

Semeli Nemea Reserve

Nemea reserva_edited.jpg

750 mL bottle  | Peloponnese| Red Wine 

Bright, youthful, deep red color with notable viscosity. Intense on the nose, young, deep in aromas of dense spices, complex fruit and balanced oak. Full-bodied and smooth in the mouth, well balanced with a long aftertaste.

Semeli Mantinia


750 mL bottle  | Peloponnese | White Wine 

Bright, yellow-green color. Elegant floral aromas with lemon, citrus and rose petals, typical of the Moschofilero variety. Rich and fruity on the palate, with a long aromatic aftertaste.

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