Gift #35 | Mini Mixed Case

Alexander 7* brandy –1 bottle. 

 Aged wine distillates from the best producing areas of Greece are blended with Muscat wine of Samos. The final blends are matured in small oak casks for a period of three years. 


Kardasi Tsipouro Tirnavou Without Anise –1 bottle 

This traditional Tsipouro is made without the common additive of anise, allowing the aromas of rose blossom, caramel and butter to shine through. For a spirit that runs 40% it is surprisingly soft and fruity on the palate. 


Rakomelo Liqueur - 1 bottle 

A combination of raki with honey, cinnamon and clove buds, this can be drunk either warm in the winter or chilled in the summer. 

Gift #35 | Mini Mixed Case