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Tsipouro without Anise is the pure distillate derived from Black Muscat from Tyrnavos. The distillation process discards the first (heads) and the last (tails) fractions. The main distillate (heart) is carefully redistilled at a low temperature. This way, the distillate preserves the aroma and the character of the grape variety. The distillate has a dominant black muscat aroma, with hints of spring roses, blackberry, citrus fruit, peach and more. Its taste is smooth and its aftertaste is pleasantly aromatic.


Variety: Black Muscat

Region: Larissa
Current Vintage: Nv
Abv: 40%
Country: Greece

Style: White, Spirit

Size: 750ml.


Food Pairing: It is accompanied by traditional Greek delicacies, such as meat in spicy sauce, Greek sausage with peppers, spicy salads, pickles etc.


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