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This page will provide you with some extra information all  about the wines that we feature on our website.

Château Le Devoy Martine

Part 1

The grapes used for this beautiful blend (Syrah 20%, Grenache 20%, Mourvèdre 40%, Cinsault 20%) in this fantastic bottle of CHÂTEAU LE DEVOY MARTINE  Lirac Rouge – cuvée Via Secreta, are grown on exceptional terroir located in the Lirac appellation in the charming village of Saint-Laurent-de Arbres.

 First we discover aromas of black pepper, licorice and then an explosion of black fruits. The tannins are elegant and silky. On the palate, it develops notes of black fruit, cassis, violet and black pepper.  It is a complex and full-bodied wine that deserves to be waited a bit. 

 This wine would pair well with a nice grilled prime rib, roasted duck or an Avignonnaise stew.

Made by Jerome Christie. 

Part 2

Semeli Feast Moscofilero white

Moschofilero, one of the finest and most interesting Greek white varieties, is cultivated mainly in the Peloponnese and most particularly in the region of Mantinia. Full of freshness and with great acidity, this noble and delicate reddish grape blends well with other varieties and is widely recognized for its intense aromatic flavor of rose petals and citrus flowers. A highly popular variety that produces wines with flowery bouquet and white flesh fruit in the mouth, Moschofilero is one of the four Greek varieties with a worldwide reputation.

Made by Jerome Christie. 

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