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This page will provide you with some extra information all  about the wines that we feature on our website.

The Bean Coffee Pinotage 2020

The wine comes from vines that are 18 years old and 25 years old.  In order to make this wine, barrels that had toasted French Oak staves were used in order to give it overtones of oaky coffee and cocoa.   The aroma reminds dark chocolate, not too strong, but a definite hint. The nose shows mocha and roasted coffee bean flavours, a lot of tannins in the wine, but fine silky tannins very well integrated with oak. Palate is mouth filling with a long and concentrated feeling. The finish of coffee makes for an overall complex, interesting and fabulous wine! Once tasted, this is a wine not easily forgotten.  It is best suited to accompany roasted beef fillet, rack of lamb, red meat dishes, prosciutto ham and mushroom pasta, as well as steak and duck dishes.

Made by Jerome Christie. 

Chateau Graves De Rabion Saint Emilion AOC

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