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David Rukavina

Due to our vast expertise in this industry, we have an excellent business relationship with one of the world`s largest alcohol buyers, the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario).

Demonstrated growth in size and profitability has attracted many suppliers of wine, spirits, and beers around the world to seek out our representation as their agent in Ontario province for purposes of selling alcohol-related products.

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Intra Vino Inc. is an LCBO agent licensed by the Alcohol and Game Commission of Ontario (AGCO), headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. 

What people are saying about Intra Vino.

Manager/Sommelier at Lee Restaurant.

Dave Rukavina and Intro Vino have been an integral part of Lee restaurant as our main wine supplier for the past 11 years. Dave always has great suggestions to help fill our wine list with fun and interesting wines. They are consistently prompt with service and quick to make sure we are well supplied in emergency situations. We appreciate their professionalism and hard work they provide us. Thank you!

I have worked with Alex and his staff at Intra Vino Inc. for the last 10 years. My sales experience representing Intra Vino has been educational, dynamic, fulfilling and rewarding in every sense. The wine portfolio spans the globe providing a wide selection of value driven options and classic varietals. Many of our clients have remained loyal consumers over many years establishing a mutually satisfying long term relationship.

Our staff always put forth a determined effort to provide the very best service possible and Alex remains the maestro in selecting great wines.

Sales proffesional at Intra Vino.



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