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This page will provide you with some extra information all  about the wines that we feature on our website. Find out more at our Products page.


Paleokerisio Semi-Sparkling Orange Wine

Innovative and at the same time a traditional wine with a characteristic orange colour


A unique in its kind orange, semi-sparkling and semi-dry wine, which impresses with its distinctive and totally traditional vinification. It is produced from the indigenous white wine grape variety Debina with the addition of a small percentage of the red variety Vlahiko.


It is a special type of wine, which revives the well-known traditional semi-sparkling wine of Ioannina, produced in the past by the locals. The little natural carbonate reveals the richness of flavours and aromas with a sweetness that blends in with all the other elements.


🍊Characteristic orange colour which resembles that of honey, tea or a cognac colour.


👃🏾Intense and highly complex aromatic composition with characteristic aromas of apple, butter, and sweet spices like cinnamon and cloves.


👄Rich, refreshing and well - balanced with main aromas of apple, butter flavour with a mild oxidation, as well as aromas of cinnamon and a hint of vanilla. Aftertaste reminiscent of sweet cherry and refreshing bubbles that highlight the complexity of aromas in every sip. 


🍽Spaghetti with white sauce, pasta with red sauce, sweet preserves, sweet tarts & cakes.

Made by Jerome Christie. 

Bougrier Vouvray Chenin Blanc

This vibrant Vouvrey is bountiful with aromas of tangerine and pear, with smoky, honey and nutty notes; medium sweet but with good acidity the medium body reveals fresh yet rich flavours of citrus and pear fruit with hazelnut on the finish.

Made by Jerome Christie. 

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