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Exploring the Wines of Portugal Grand Tasting at "The Well" Toronto: A Tantalizing Journey through Portuguese Wine Regions

On May 1st, wine enthusiasts gathered at The Well in Toronto for an exquisite tasting experience. Hosted by Intra Vino Inc. and Casas Das Hortas, this event showcased a delightful range of wines from the Vinho Verde  and Douro regions.

Vinho Verde

Known for their vibrant freshness, these wines hail from the lush, green landscapes of northern Portugal. Crisp whites, zesty rosés, and light reds danced on the palate, capturing the essence of the on’s terroir.


The Douro Valley, famous for its terraced vineyards along the meandering Douro River, presented robust reds and elegant ports. Rich flavours, velvety textures, and a touch of history made each sip memorable.

Wines Featured

Portal Das Hortas Rose’: A blend of Touriga Nacional Vinhao, a bright and lively wine with a slight touch of bubbles, some sweet florals, good acidity with a very elegant finish. 

Portal Das Hortas Branco: A blend of Avesso, Arinto and Fernao Pires, Sweet, Floral, Medium Bodied and Crisp 

Portal Das Hortas Avesso Grand Reserve: A medium bodied complex white wine with a beautiful golden colour and notes of dried fruits. 

This Grand Tasting was a celebration of Portugal’s winemaking heritage. Cheers to the artistry of the vine! 🥂🇵🇹

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